Daily Crime Statistics in Philadelphia

Daily Crime Statistics in Philadelphia

University of the Sciences located in Philadelphia is a favorite destination of students not just from the US, but across the world. It offers several science and healthcare related programs at graduate and undergraduate levels. Spread across an area of 35 acres, the university offers an idyllic place to learn and enjoy.

However, as the university is located in Philadelphia and is spread across such a vast area, there is always the potential of becoming a victim of a crime. While the university has taken measures protect student safety along with local law enforcement agency, there is still a possibility that crimes may take place.

The University of the Sciences in Philly Daily Crime Log ensures availability of any criminal incident 24 hours a day. Students as well as others can access this log using the Internet at any time of the day. Any crime that is reported to the Department of Public Safety by the university as well as the local law enforcement agency is mentioned in this daily crime log. Basically, any crime that occurs within the premises of the campus is mentioned in the University of Sciences crime log.

Just by checking the log, students and other website visitors can get the type of crime committed, the date and time when the crime was committed and the location of the crime. In addition, the log also gives the disposition of the crime.

Typically, any crime that is committed and reported by the university security and local law enforcement agency is mentioned in the Daily Crime Log after two working days. However, some information may not be available to protect the victim’s identity and to prevent the investigation from being hampered. Basically, this ensures that the suspect does not disappear while the investigation is going on. However, once that investigation is over, the withheld information may be made available in the log.

Philadelphia is seeing a rise in crime and efforts of the University of the Sciences in Philly Crime Log and Philadelphia federal criminal defense lawyer ensures that students know which areas to avoid within the campus. This is especially true at nights when maximum crimes in any city or area occur. Furthermore, it also gives a sense of security to students and residents of the campus that something is being done by the campus security and the law enforcement agencies.

Of late, crime rate in Philadelphia has increased and many neighborhoods in the city are not considered safe, especially at nights. By checking the Daily Crime Log students as well as others know whether there is an increasing or decreasing trend in crimes within the campus area. Furthermore, the Daily Crime Log is a unique effort by the university, as it provides a daily update on crimes and criminal activities. The idea is to let students know that measures are being taken and the university authorities do care about their safety.

Philadelphia is like any big city, but often the rise is crime can be a deterrent for people from other parts of the US. However, Philly lovers claim that the rise in crime in the city is due to the recent economic recession where people have opted for this way of life as they want to feed their family. If you check the Crime Log maintained by the university, you will notice that most of the crimes committed in 2012 have been robberies using firearms and assaults. From January 1, 2012 until February 8, 2012, around 42 incidents were reported. It may seem like a lot, but many of these incidents may have occurred between students themselves, especially where assaults are concerned. If you check the statistics for 2011, a total of 401 incidents occurred within the campus limits. Thefts, vandalism, burglary and robberies dominate the log. There are also instances of underage drinking, shoplifting, marijuana possession, non-aggravated assaults, and fire. As you can see that most of these so-called crimes are instances that are found in most college and university campuses where young people live and study.

So, it can be said categorically, that the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia is actually a safe campus. Just like any other city in the world, students and residents in the campus have to take certain safety precautions and measures to ensure that they are safe. No major city in the world is safe if you decide to talk a stroll late in the night unaccompanied. The same is true for Philadelphia. While there has been a rise in burglaries in the city, many of these incidences have occurred in parts of the city that are best not visited.

If a student is new to Philadelphia, it is best to find out which areas of the city are safe during nights and which should be avoided under all circumstances. While the law enforcement agencies have increased patrolling in dangerous neighborhoods, if you decide to visit them, you are taking unnecessary risks. The University of the Sciences campus is relatively safe and you can get a detailed daily crime statistics by checking the university’s website and going through the Daily Crime Log.

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